Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 50 Albums of 2006

50. Mouthus
Sister Vibration

49. Axolotl/Skaters
Split LP

48. Current 93
Black Ships Ate the Sky

47. Xasthur
Subliminal Genocide

46. Animal Collective
People EP

45. John Wiese
Teenage Hallucination

44. Hush Arbors
Landscape of Bone

43. Entrance
Prayer of Death

41 & 42. Magik Markers
For Sada Jane / Feel the Crayon

40. Juana Molina

39. Birchville Cat Motel
Chaos Steel Skeletons

38. Yellow Swans
Psychic Secession

37. William Basinski
Variations for Piano & Tape [Variation #9: Pantelleria]

35 & 36. Wolf Eyes
Equinox (w/ John Wiese) / Black Vomit (w/ Anthony Braxton)

34. Mammatus

33. No-Neck Blues Band & Embryo

32. Excepter
Sunbomber EP

31. Vetiver
To Find me Gone

30. White Magic
Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

29. Axolotl
Way Blank

28. Fiery Furnaces
Bitter Tea

27. Mouthus
The Long Salt

26. Danielson

25. Magic Lantern

24. Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice Gipsy Freedom

23. Sightings
End Times

22. JOMF
America Mystica

21. Magik Markers
A Panegyric to the Things I do not Understand

20. Black Dice
Manoman 12"

19. Comets on Fire

18. Espers
Espers II

17. Bardo Pond
Ticket Crystals

15 & 16. James Blackshaw
Walking Into Sleep / O True Beleivers

14. Sunn0))) & Boris

13. Excepter

11 & 12. MV & EE with the Bummer Road
Green Blues / Mother of Thousands

10. Growing
Color Wheel

9. Skygreen Leopards
Disciples of California

8. Six Organs of Admittance
The Sun Awakens

7. Om
Conference of the Birds

6. Birchville Cat Motel
Our Love Will Destroy the World

5. Flying Canyon

4. Wolf Eyes
Human Animal

3. Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band
Second Attention

2. Liars
Drum's Not Dead

1. Joanna Newsom


Phil said...

Thanks for finally opening comments. Dude I love the list. So much to say. But first I have to post mine up. I'll drop a link when its ready. I like the pictures in yours. I think I'll steal that idea. Be back soon!

Anonymous said...

awseom list, excited to see how yours and phils compare!

Ryland said...

dope list man
can't wait for your average of everyone's top 10 haha

Anonymous said...

The list is up!

Anonymous said...

you should put up a list of the top songs of 2006. . .

Zach said...

john you sly dog,

you list seems to have shuffled around.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have no idea how that comment on your top albums list came up, cuz I sure didn't write it. Weird. Maybe there's another Zach running around.