Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dec. 20, 2006

in rain i consider the words sun and son
how they feel the same, sound the same
how i much i miss the sun and how much i love the rain.

i was standing on the sidewalk outside of work tonight because we had no business. i was drifting around some thoughts about a far older me sitting on my front porch or something, when this transient yelled at me from in front of the next store down...

-you live far away from here???
-yeah man, just a little
-well you'd better drive safe, all these cars....

as the rough guy started walking my way and becoming incoherent in his speech, i thought about how nice it was that a stranger who probably has very little other than himself would take it upon himself to wish me safety. about five feet from me he stopped and started making a little bit of sense again...

-i tell you what. i was driving with a coffee sitting right here (he points to his crotch) and it spilled all over me. totally ruined my privates.
-oh, damn dude
-yeh i also had a really pretty girl with me...

after this he sat on a bench and started muttering some shit that i could barely hear. we sort of sat there and watched the rain fall onto the parking lot, and after about three more minutes of muttering and two more minutes of silence, he got up, told me again to drive safe, and walked off into the night.

i was left fairly amused. he was probably the nicest old guy and i really felt bad about his balls.

alone again in the rain i started to consider the words sun and son,
how they feel the same, sound the same,
are the same. how much i love the rain.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My favorite songs of 2006

By request from the anonymous commenter on the albums list, here is a very rough list of my favorite songs of the year. I tried not to include more than one song by any one artist although I had to in some cases. I highly recommend all of these for download!

28 Animal Collective - Tikwid
27 Bardo Pond - Destroying Angel
26 Excepter - Second Chances
25 Fiery Furnaces - Benton Harbor Blues
24 Magik Markers - Infinite Regress
23 Danielson - Did I Step on your Trumpet?
22 Growing - Fancy Period
21 White Magic - What I see
20 Axolotl - Uroburos
19 Wolf Eyes - The Driller
18 Skygreen Leopards - Marching Band
17 Six organs of Admittance - River of Transfiguration
16 Black Dice - Gore
15 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice - Dead End Days with Caesar
14 Birchville Cat Motel - 55000 Flowers for the Hero
13 Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band - Crucifixion, pt. II
12 Om - At Giza
11 Liars - Drum gets a Glimpse
10 James Blackshaw - Transient Life in Twilight
9 Magic Lantern - At the Mountains of Madness
8 Sunn0))) & Boris - The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)
7 Excepter - If I were You
6 Vetiver - Down at El Rio
5 Liars - The other side of Mt Heart attack
4 Joanna Newsom - Sawdust & Diamonds
3 MV & EE - East Mountain Joint
2 Flying Canyon - At Night When the World Grows Quiet
1 Magic Lantern - Chance Encounter

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More lists!

Here are some more year-end best-of lists that are very worth your while to check out:

Phil's List

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 50 Albums of 2006

50. Mouthus
Sister Vibration

49. Axolotl/Skaters
Split LP

48. Current 93
Black Ships Ate the Sky

47. Xasthur
Subliminal Genocide

46. Animal Collective
People EP

45. John Wiese
Teenage Hallucination

44. Hush Arbors
Landscape of Bone

43. Entrance
Prayer of Death

41 & 42. Magik Markers
For Sada Jane / Feel the Crayon

40. Juana Molina

39. Birchville Cat Motel
Chaos Steel Skeletons

38. Yellow Swans
Psychic Secession

37. William Basinski
Variations for Piano & Tape [Variation #9: Pantelleria]

35 & 36. Wolf Eyes
Equinox (w/ John Wiese) / Black Vomit (w/ Anthony Braxton)

34. Mammatus

33. No-Neck Blues Band & Embryo

32. Excepter
Sunbomber EP

31. Vetiver
To Find me Gone

30. White Magic
Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

29. Axolotl
Way Blank

28. Fiery Furnaces
Bitter Tea

27. Mouthus
The Long Salt

26. Danielson

25. Magic Lantern

24. Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice Gipsy Freedom

23. Sightings
End Times

22. JOMF
America Mystica

21. Magik Markers
A Panegyric to the Things I do not Understand

20. Black Dice
Manoman 12"

19. Comets on Fire

18. Espers
Espers II

17. Bardo Pond
Ticket Crystals

15 & 16. James Blackshaw
Walking Into Sleep / O True Beleivers

14. Sunn0))) & Boris

13. Excepter

11 & 12. MV & EE with the Bummer Road
Green Blues / Mother of Thousands

10. Growing
Color Wheel

9. Skygreen Leopards
Disciples of California

8. Six Organs of Admittance
The Sun Awakens

7. Om
Conference of the Birds

6. Birchville Cat Motel
Our Love Will Destroy the World

5. Flying Canyon

4. Wolf Eyes
Human Animal

3. Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band
Second Attention

2. Liars
Drum's Not Dead

1. Joanna Newsom