Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dec. 20, 2006

in rain i consider the words sun and son
how they feel the same, sound the same
how i much i miss the sun and how much i love the rain.

i was standing on the sidewalk outside of work tonight because we had no business. i was drifting around some thoughts about a far older me sitting on my front porch or something, when this transient yelled at me from in front of the next store down...

-you live far away from here???
-yeah man, just a little
-well you'd better drive safe, all these cars....

as the rough guy started walking my way and becoming incoherent in his speech, i thought about how nice it was that a stranger who probably has very little other than himself would take it upon himself to wish me safety. about five feet from me he stopped and started making a little bit of sense again...

-i tell you what. i was driving with a coffee sitting right here (he points to his crotch) and it spilled all over me. totally ruined my privates.
-oh, damn dude
-yeh i also had a really pretty girl with me...

after this he sat on a bench and started muttering some shit that i could barely hear. we sort of sat there and watched the rain fall onto the parking lot, and after about three more minutes of muttering and two more minutes of silence, he got up, told me again to drive safe, and walked off into the night.

i was left fairly amused. he was probably the nicest old guy and i really felt bad about his balls.

alone again in the rain i started to consider the words sun and son,
how they feel the same, sound the same,
are the same. how much i love the rain.


myste said...

wow john thats a really gorgeous story.

Anonymous said...

hey, john, i copied down the names of all the songs that you and your brother listed as your favorites. i'm definitely gonna have to look into those. i just recently started up a blog and i stole your idea of listing my favorite albums of 2006. it's quite obvious to me that you hear A LOT more music in a given year than i do. you'll probably scoff at my list, but i didn't hear very much new music that was any good this year. anyway, my blog's at if you're ever interested (lord knows, i need some sort of traffic going on there) :)

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for dropping comments every once in a while. i hope you have a good christmas and a good new year's, as well.

diana said...

I liked it all, I really did. Except for the "balls" part; that might be a bit too manly for me. I don't know, lately I have really began to dislike that term.

Now, I'm really just rambling, geez.

Okay, I'm just out of here now - merry christmas... although it's over by now.

Anonymous said...

amazing john what your minds brings up. i like this alot.