Tuesday, February 06, 2007

07 albums so far (update 2-14)

this post is for ryland, phil, and nick so that we can all keep tabs on the year so as not to miss anything. i'll add albums as i get them and comment me if you have anything i've missed out on.

get these:
dungen - tio bitar
titan - a raining sun of light & love for you & you & you
charlemagne palestine - a sweet quasimoto between black vampire
master musicians of bukkake - s/t
mv+ee and the bummer road - green blues
panda bear - person pitch
ignatz - II
marissa nadler - songs 3: bird on the water
soft circle - full bloom
boris with michio kurihara - rainbow
tom ze - Danç-Êh-Sá
richard youngs + tirath singh nirmala - s/t
sinking infinities - the life of riley
birchville cat motel with anla courtis - three sparkling echoes
death unit - infinite death

good albums:
of - the awful cloud
badgerlore - we are hopeful farmers
wold - screech owl
egypt is the magick # - the valentine process
frode haltli - passing images
ettrick - sunder arrythmic death vol. 2
tovah olson - waves and i don't get along
jesse sykes and the sweet hereafter - LLL
bill callahan - woke on a whaleheart
hauschka - room to expand
sir richard bishop - staged
magik markers - you can't fuck a clock
magik markers - last of retsin

skippable albums:
haunting - hallway
marnie stern - in advance of the broken arm
deerhunter - cryptograms
arcade fire - neon bible
jesu - sundown sunrise
jesu - conqueror


emily said...

im still checking the new arcade fire album out.

Phil said...

these too!

Charlemagne Palestine - A Sweet Quasimodo Between Black Vampire [Cold Blue, 2007]

Richard Youngs & Tirath Singh Nirmala - self titled [HP Cycle, 2007]

Phil said...

Also dis 1:

Tovah Olson - Waves And I Don't Get Along, [self-released, 2007]


Solo release by 1/2 of Dead Machines

Phil said...

yah seriously call me at least by this weekend!!

I would almost say it's a must...

Nick said...

i wasnt into the new arcade fire too much either, i didnt know there was a sir richard bishop album out but that sounds really good. Im gonn ahave to check this stuff out, i havent heard much of it

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