Wednesday, March 21, 2007


on heavy rotation the last week:

Excepter - Tank Tapes cassette release
Pacahaunted & Robedoor - Mouth of Prayer
MV / EE - "Poor Boy" / Mars Delta
Raccoo-oo-oon - Behold Secret Kingdom
Fursaxa - Alone in the Dark Wood
The Plants - Double Infinity
Rameses III - Honey Rose

all HIGHLY recommended


Alain said...

Nice choices, especially Fursaxa.

Phil said...

Yes dude, I am with you on the Rameses III and Plants Lps. That underwater guitar/field recording blur thing hits like Eno on endo

I'm also heavy rotation-ing Sinking Infinities "Life of Riley" again, and Mirza's "Iron Compass Flux." Also some new Tangerine Dream brain meltas

I'll upld the new GHQ and Bardo Pond side project "500mg" sometime this weekend