Tuesday, June 05, 2007

halfway through '07: my favorite albums so far


death unit - infinite death
excepter - tank tapes
the giant skyflower band - blood of the sunworm
hototogisu - spooked summer
mammatus - the coast explodes
mv & ee w/ the bummer road - green blues
mv & ee - mars delta
marissa nadler - songs 3: bird on the water
panda bear - person pitch
plants - double infinity
raccoo-oo-oon - behold secret kingdom
rameses III - honey rose
robedoor & pocohaunted - mouth of prayer
sinking infinities - the life of riley
soft circle - full bloom
starving weirdos - shrine of the post-hypnotic


Phil said...

whats this skyflower band I've never heard of? and if you haven't seen, jonz the II threw up some new MV+EE - "wharf ra"

and romulinos looks killer. much more suitable than taco hell.

Phil said...

by romulinos i mean romulitos