Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Album of the Week

Eric Copeland: Hermaphrodite [Paw-tracks, 2007]

Twelve cuts of sheer toxic mindfuck on this first solo release for Black Dicer Eric Copeland. This is the eternal outerspace mixtape. "La Booly Boo" throws world music around in the cave a lil bit, "Oreo" will make u lose ur cookies, "Spacehead" reaches back to Here Comes the Indian, "Tree Aliens" return from the Creature Comforts era. The first five tracks alone made a friend very ill. Highly recommended album.


Phil said...

...and cover of the year

Yes, I like this one a lot. Have you heard the new BD?

Emily said...

I forgot how you were so broad in your music, which reminds me... i still am wanting animal collective! ;)

zach said...

hey, i'm wanting to call you sometime just to catch up on things. is there sometime that works best for you? i have absolutely nothing for the next two days, so anytime then works for me.