Friday, December 28, 2007

John's Favorite Albums of 2007

The following albums have sustained me. They have taken me to inimitable places and taught me unexplainable things.

50. Psychedelic Horseshit
Magic Flowers Droned

49. Aaron Dilloway and C Spencer Yeh
False Speech

48. MV + EE w/ the Golden Road
Gettin’ Gone

47. LSD March
Constellation of Tragedy

46. Siren
Living Light

45. Fursaxa
Alone in the Dark Wood

44. Panda Bear
Person Pitch

43. Mountain Home
Mountain Home

42. Ignatz

41. Burning Star Core
Blood Lightning

40. Ex-Cocaine
Esta Guerra

39. Hototogisu
Spooked Summer

38. Samara Lubelski
Parallel Suns

37. RV Paintings
Trinity Rivers

36. Misty Mountain
Misty Mountain

35. Black Dice
Load Blown

34. Eric Copeland

33. Excepter
Tank Tapes CS

32. Robedoor
Rancor Keeper

31. MV + EE
Mars Delta

30. Six Organs of Admittance
Shelter from the Ash

29. Death Unit
Infinite Death

28. Jana Hunter
Carrion EP

27. Robedoor and Pocahaunted
Hunted Gatherer

26. Cloudland Canyon & Lichens
Exterminating Angel

25. Om

24. The Brain Band
The Brain Band

23. Castanets
In the Vines

22. Starving Weirdos
Shrine of the Post-Hypnotic

21. MV + EE
Eye in the Pines

20. Blues Control

19. Sunburned Circle
The Blaze Game

18. Jackie-O Motherfucker
Valley of Fire

17. Raccoo-oo-oon
Behold Secret Kingdom

16. Sir Richard Bishop
Polytheistic Fragments

15. GHQ
Square Growth Sessions

14. Wooden Wand
James & the Quiet / More from the Mountain 7"

13. MV + EE
Ragas of the Culvert

12. Robedoor + Pocahaunted
Mouth of Prayer

11. Mammatus
The Coast Explodes

10. Jakob Olausson
Moonlight Farm

9. The Plants
Double Infinity

8. MV + EE
Goodbye Moonface

7. Magic Lantern
At the Mountains of Madness

6. Super Minerals
The Vooh

5. Marissa Nadler
Songs III: Bird on the Water

4. Giant Skyflower Band
Blood of the Sunworm

3. Hush Arbors
Row Life

2. Rameses III
Honey Rose

1. MV + EE w/ the Bummer Road
Green Blues


William said...

double thanks man. if I get around to making a top 50 of the year Molten Honey will certainly be near the top. we need to jam again!

I'm checking out that Giant Skyflower Band- what a killer cover.

Phil said...


I JUST got home from vacation, rolled one, then opened this. Quite a nice return!

As you and everyone who's heard me talk 'bout music/sound knows... Molten Honey is the implicit object of my LOVE. I didn't even bother tainting that LOVE with a placement in a top 50 of mostly strangers and who-knows-what.

Thank you for exposing me to so much killer sound.

emily said...

well, you're a very good writer too, John. You just need to post more! Thank you though, that's very very flattering.

Anonymous said...

Hey, John, have you heard of Crystal Castles? They're this electro-thrash duo that I came across. I thought they were interesting, but wasn't that big a fan of them, but it struck me as something you might like. I dunno. I read that they stuck an Atari chip or something in a keyboard and that's how they got all their spiffy synth noises. Anyhoo...just throwing that out there.